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Bulbs across state lines?


I’m going to be moving from Los Angeles to Kansas City soon. I’ve got a backyard full of bulbs, iris, amaryllis, calla lilly,… Is it safe to dig some up and bring them to a different state? I particularly don’t want to bring some non-native problem from one state to another, but I’d love to keep these flowers with me. Any suggestions? Thanks! - Susan -


  1. 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for your concern about transporting plants from one area of the country to another with regard to non-native plant, pest and disease problems.

    We grow the bulbs you mentioned here, but some would not be hardy enough to survive the winter, and thus must be stored for the winter or grown as a houseplant. You would not be able to plant anything now.

    Of specific concern would be to make sure anything you wish to save is absolutely disease and pest free, so inspect carefully and let caution be your guide.

    Since you don’t say if you are moving to the Kansas or Missouri side, here is the link to the National Plant Board, Laws and Regulations by state: www.nationalplantboard.org/laws/

    If you transport, be prepared to store properly over the winter and to protect from freezing during transport.

    As you will be new to the area, the Johnson County Kansas Research and Extension website (Lawn and Garden, then Publications) has a wealth of information to make your gardening transition as smooth as possible. The link is www.johnson.ksu.edu We have many beautiful natives to enhance your garden.

    Safe travel and welcome to the KC area.

    Carole-Johnson County Extension Master Gardener

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