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Bumper crop of acorns?


My 1960s neighborhood was planted with many pin oak trees. While these trees always seem to be dropping something (leaves, twigs, pollen, etc.), this year’s crop of acorns seems to be especially large with nearly constant fall over the past six or seven weeks. Is there a reason behind this bumper crop? Are there any tools that can be used to clean up the literally tens of thousands of nuts that have fallen in my yard without breaking my back picking them up? - Mark -


  1. 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    As you go through your neighborhood, you may notice that some pin oaks have produced more acorns than others. This is because, pin oaks produce acorns on a two-year cycle, thus the bumper crop you have this year was actually started from the flowering in spring two years ago. The good news is that you probably won’t have nearly as many next year.

    I imagine you have lots of squirrels in your neighborhood; they should help with the cleanup, as will chipmunks, woodpeckers, flickers and bluejays. But an easy way to pickup the acorns, I don’t have. Raking lightly may help.

    If you have a sidewalk, as an inveterate walker, I will ask you please to sweep the acorns from your sidewalk as it is very easy to step on them and slide.

    Thanks for your insightful question.

    Carole - Johnson County Extension Master Gardener

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