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Confusion about cold frames


I got a free tomato plant at the garden show a few weeks back and am trying to keep it alive. I’m also trying to grow some from seeds. I have an old window and am thinking of getting a clear plastic tub and covering it with the window to make a cold frame. I want to keep my tomato plants stocky — cooler temps help keep plants from stretching. So when should I move the plants to my make-shift cold frame? - Wild Child -


  1. 1 year, 1 month ago

    Now you are thinking but you need a few more steps. You will need to insulate the plastic tub with some straw bales or something similar. Plastic does not hold heat over night. The window will need to be opende during a sunny day and then closed at night to help hold the temperature.

    For a few plants I would recommend this treatment as the temps warm. Move the plants outside in the morning after danger of a freeze has past into a partly sunny area at first than to full sun. Than at night bring the plants into the garage or home for the night. Once the nighttime temps are over 45 or 50 you can leave them out. Keep in mind planting time is late April or early May so there is a way to go. You might want to pot to the next size pot to give the roots room.

    Dennis - Johnson County Extension

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