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Daffodils that don't bloom


I have one group of daffodils (on west) that had tons of buds last year - but none of them ever opened. The foilage died back with buds still on them. I am afraid I am having a repeat performance (or lack of performance) again this year. Any ideas of why this is happening and/or ways to help insure blooms? I do wait for the foilage to dye back before I cut them down. - Foy -


  1. 1 year ago

    internet link; American Daffodil Society. Go to non-blooming daffodils. 1. need fertalizer (low nitrogen. 2. poor drainage. 3. Different varities. 4. virus. 5. drought stress. 6. need thinned or transplanted. Steve

  2. 1 year ago

    This sounds like maybe a problem called bud blasting. Some of the double-flowering types are more prone to this issue. It is often times more related to spring warm temperatures than a disease or insect. It is interesting that the foliage also died.

    Have they done it before or was last year the first time? Dennis - Johnson County Extension

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