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Extension Master Gardeners publish book with practical tips

New book from Master Gardeners.

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Gardening in the Midwest can be a messy business. Plants sprawl and topple, weeds vine and tangle, and grass dies when the excessive rains of spring are followed by the heat and drought of summer. Untangled: Straight Talk from Passionate Gardeners, a newly published book from the Extension Master Gardeners of Johnson County, Kansas, will lead home gardeners through these twists and tangles with its practical tips, real-life experiences, lessons learned and heartfelt stories.

Readers can pick through the mixed bouquet of best practices, personal heritage, homespun folklore and ideas on a multitude of topics, ranging from garden design, pruning, soil preparation, perennial combinations that thrive in the sun, favorite tools and flowering trees, to tips on controlling critters and weeds, and much more. The diversity and honesty from these gardeners will inspire everyone, from the novice gardener to the most experienced, to create beauty in their home landscape.

Untangled is available for $14 (tax included) from the Johnson County Extension office at 11811 S. Sunset Drive, Suite 1500, Olathe. Mail order is available for $19.50, which includes shipping and tax. For more information of this local gardening resource visit www.johnson.ksu.edu/untangled or phone 913-715-7000.


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