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Hi all - need some ideas - recently removed a magnolia bush from the front of my house - see pic. wanted to replace it with a Japanese maple but also want to explore other ideas - help! - Carlos -


  1. 1 year ago

    There are lots of choices! Japanese Maples are good But are susceptible to ice or late frost damage. Hydrangeas are good but some don’t do well here,Oak Leaf one good one. My personal favorites are Viburnums. There are many good shrubs. We have handouts you could pick up at our office at 119th and Ridgeview or you could request some by mail. You could also try our website at www.johnson.ksu.edu. Have fun,

  2. 1 year ago

    I love the Shantung Maple. It is much hardier than the Japanese Maple for our area and it is sometimes called Purpleblow because of its leaves as they come out purple in spring and then mature to a glossy green which stays fresh-looking all summer and then the beautiful fall colors.

    Oak Leaf Hydrangeas have the advantage of keeping some winter interest, too. Even though the leaves turn brown, they are rich looking and stay on all winter, with the dried clusters of flower.

    I agree with Steve, also. Viburnums are always good.

    Bob, Extension Master Gardener

  3. 1 year ago

    Carlos, I just took another look at your picture and don’t know what i was thinking. I think you would be happier with something that didn’t grow so big. Some shrubs that are a little smaller and would do well in the hot sun in a small space are Weigela (Wine and Roses, Midnight Wine, French Lace), Sumac, or one of the many beautiful Ninebarks, especially Dart’s Golden or Diablo. I apologise for not looking more carefully at your picture earlier. Bob, Extension Master Gardener

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