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I cleared out my garden spot but did not get to work the soil. Will it hurt to spray the area with weed killer now and then when I have a change in the spring, I will work the soil up. If it dries up enough to work up without doing this I will, but sometimes it gets too wet. I am always just leary of using chemicals. Thank you - Sharon -


  1. 1 year, 5 months ago

    Sharon, I would not treat a garden, vegetable or flower garden soil with a herbicide to control the weeds. There could be a carryover that will damage the crops. At this point just wait and kill the weeds when turning under the soil. Be careful not to work wet soil as that will damage the structure.

    The only herbicide that I would recommend are the Roundup type products that have no soil action. I still think hand eradication is the best way to go. Dennis Johnson County Extension

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