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I bought a small calla lilie at a grocery store and after it stopped blooming I saved the bulb. I replanted it a couple of months later and now it’s coming up about three times the size of the original plant. The leaves are about 15 inches long. Is this normal? Thanks - Brad -


  1. 8 months, 1 week ago

    This would be nornmal for how it was handled. Normally these bulbs are left growing all summer long. Then before a frost the plant is taken indoors to prevent it from freezing. It is held dormant over the winter and then when danger of frost is past in the spring it is returned outside. Let the foliage grow all summer long.

    I had a calla lily in a pot for a number years until a really cold snap froze the bulbs in my garage.

    My recommendation now is to enjoy the foliage and maybe a flower till fall and then bring back inside. That will help get the plant back on a nornmal summer-winter schedule.

    Dennis - Johnson County Extension

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