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Gifts for gardeners

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Gift giving is part of the fun of the holiday season. If you are like me, shopping can be a chore that takes some of the fun out of one of the most wonderful times of the year. If you happen to have a gardener on your shopping list there are many gifts that are sure to delight on Christmas morning.

Gardening is like most other hobbies. There is always some new gadget or do-hicky. These items may be just the item for that special gardener. A few minutes at a nursery or garden center is sure to give you many ideas for that special gift. If browsing the shelves is not your idea of Christmas fun let me make a few suggestions of special gifts.

Tools are always a great gift. I do not know of a gardener that could not use a new trowel, hand pruners or saw. These items seem to always be wearing out or getting past their prime. The great thing about tools is the wide price range. A hand tool will range in price from under $10 to $50 or more depending on the item and quality.

Many gardeners resist the temptation to buy a specialty tool or one of those so-called must have inventions. Christmas is the perfect time to maybe splurge and get them that item.

Another great gift item for the garden is a reference book. There are so many titles to choose from. One guideline in selecting that perfect book is to know your special person’s taste.

When it comes to books there is a wide range of titles. Coffee table books are typically filled with pretty picture but not much meat. And then there are those that may not have the glossy photos but are packed with informative, how-to information. If your gift is for someone who wants to learn and grow as a gardener, avoid the pretty pictures and go for the meat. Be sure the book information is relevant to our climate. Many books are written and published in England, or for the east or west coast gardener. Pick titles for the Midwest.

Lastly, you may consider it impersonal, but a gift certificate to a local nursery or garden center is always welcomed. The gift certificate allows the gardener a few minutes to get away and pick out an item or plant they may normally not purchase. I know I have enjoyed a trip to the garden center with a gift certificate and have challenged myself to purchase something I would normally not buy.

Enjoy the holiday season. A gardener may be the easiest person on your gift-giving list. There are so many things to choose from, either by following your own imagination or my short shopping list of suggestions.


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