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Help identifying mystery plant?

What is this?


Moved into my house about a year ago and there are a few mystery plants there. Last year, I didn’t bother with the mystery plants as I figured once they bloomed, I could figure out what it was.

Now that I’ve been in the house, there’s one plant that I still haven’t been able to identify. Here’s the picture. Not sure if it’s a weed or a plant that was purposefully planted. It’s directly under a large juniper shrub so it gets limited sun.

The family that owned the house prior to us was from California and must not be that familiar with gardening as they planted a few azalea in direct shade. So there is a chance that (if it’s not a weed) it is supposed to flower.

Appreciate your assistance in advance with identifying this plant. Thank you! - Displaced Clevelander -


  1. 1 year ago

    This plant is a mystery to many and isn’t found in most of the plant books, but our trusty Extension Agent, Dennis Patton, knew it immediately. That is called Avens, a member of the Geum family. It is classified as a weed, so you can dig it out or spray it with a broadleaf or broad-spectrum herbicide.

    Tina, Extension Master Gardener

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