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How to grow mandevillas in KC?


My bad — just made a spontaneous purchase. Bought a white mandevilla at half-price, thinking it would go on my porch that gets mid-to-late afternoon full sun, including reflected heat/light off the house. After reading about them online, I’m not so sure that’s a good location for it. I plan on over wintering it indoors. What all do I need to do to insure a long-lived, healthy, blooming plant? Will it be okay in its current location? Watering needs? Should I transplant into a large pot (currently in a two-gallon nursery pot w/trellis)? How often should I fertilize? Thanks for your help. - Wild Child -


  1. 10 months ago

    Don’t feel bad specials are hard to resist. This plant will do great in full sun to light shade. I would recommend to transplant into a pot about twice as big to reduce watering needs. Water when dry and fertilize on a regular basis and the plant will do fine. This is a very durable plant. Enjoy Dennis

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