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Impatiens problems?


I read an article over the weekend that said there’s a disease that threatens impatiens and will make them harder to find at the store this year, but then I saw some at a store this weekend. Is there really a problem? - Seneca -


  1. 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    The Johnson County Extension Master Gardener hotline has been busy fielding calls from gardeners who read this same article. K-State plant pathologists have addressed it in a recent blog posting you can access from our homepage: www.johnson.ksu.edu

    The important thing to wait a few more weeks before planting to allow the soil to warm.Examine plants carefully before you buy them, water them deeply but infrequently to avoid constant dampness on the leaves, and keep a good eye on your plants. If you see signs of the fungus, you can bring a sample of the WHOLE PLANT not just a leaf, to our office and we will try to confirm whether you have the disease.

    It is also a good suggestion to avoid planting too many impatiens this year, and try out some other shade-loving plants.

    Laura Extension Master Gardener

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