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Killing off winter creeper


When and how is the best time and method to kill off invasive winter-creeper? - Tim -


  1. 1 year, 1 month ago

    Winter creeper is an invasive plant and difficult to control. Here is the recommendation from the Missouri Department of Conservation: Initial effort in areas of heavy infestation Vines should be cut by hand and each cut stem sprayed with Roundup (a formulation of glyphosate) just after the last killing frost. While the Roundup label recommends a 50- to 100-percent concentration of Roundup for stump treatment, a 20-percent concentration has proven effective. A squirt bottle may be used for spot treatment or individual stumps can be painted by hand using a sponge applicator. Treatment should be in late winter when most native vegetation is dormant and prior to the emergence of spring wildflowers. Care should be taken to avoid contacting non-target species with the herbicide. By law, herbicides may only be applied as per label instructions

    Effort in areas of light infestation In small areas, where practical, individual vines should be pulled up by the roots and removed from the area. Janine, Extension Master Gardener

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