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Lawn reduction - establishing a prairie garden?


My son just bought a home in Johnson County with a ridiculously large lawn. It’s a 4.7 acre property with, I’d estimate, about 3 1/2 acres of well established fescue lawn - much more lawn than anyone needs or wants.

There’s woods and a creek bordering the property. Except for the front street, the property does not directly abut any maintained anything.

What we’d like to do is reduce the amount of formal high-maintenance lawn by: 1) establishing a perimeter ‘prairie garden’ and, 2) planting some kind of evergreen as a both a visual screen and a design element.

I’m aware of the problems with Scots and Austrian pines. I’ve had good experience with a fastigate form of Pinus strobus at my property in Johnson county. They look good, have been non-fussy and they grew fast.

I wonder if you could supply some words of wisdom about the feasibility and implementation of this idea?

And … we are totally open to other suggestions as well. Like any gardening project, cost and a desire for quick results dominate our thinking.

Appreciate your sage counsel. - George -


  1. 10 months, 1 week ago

    Hey, I think I worked with you on email with some suggestions. If you have more questions let me know. Dennis Johnson County Extension .

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