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Need to find a way to kill moles


Moles are ruining my newly planted yard. I have tried everything from gas, flooding, bait and traps. I can never seem to get the trap in the right spot, or the moles go around it. I am frustrated and want to bulldoze the whole yard! ARGG! Please give me hints on placement of traps or ANYTHING else that will give me at least one success!

I will stand there and see the dirt moving at a hill, and try to dig where I think it is but always miss….over 10 times. - Rebecca -


  1. 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    Moles are a frustrating problem. Here is a link to our handout giving you the information you need. Be sure to use it to check to see if your problem is gophers or moles, because the treatments are different.


    Good luck Bob, Extension Master Gardener

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