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New to the area -- need guidance!


We are new to the area and would like to take some classes and learn to garden. Do you have any classes soon? I have started seedlings in a room I have set up, but am in need of guidance! Thanks! - Kelle -


  1. 1 year, 1 month ago

    There are gardening classes all over the metro area this time of year. A great source for a listing is The Kansas City Star’s Thursday Grow Sections on gardening. The Kansas City Gardener Magazine is also great. It is a freebe to be picked up a number of area locations.

    For specific gardening questions either post here on the Blog or contact your local Extension office gardening hotline. In Johnson County the number is 913-715-7050. Extension and the trained staff of Extension Master Gardener volunteers would love to help any gardeners or would be gardeners.

    Welcome to the area - Dennis - Johnson County Extension

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