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Oak tree stress


I have a Red Oak that was planted as a 4” tree about 5 years ago. Every year it has been green and healthy. This summer the leaves have been light green and have recently dried and have started to drop off. It is looking like the tree is dieing. About 3 weeks ago I tried feeding the roots with iron. No improvement. Is the tree dead or is it just responding to a dry winter? - Derek -


  1. 1 year, 10 months ago

    Derek - it is hard to tell from your description. As a rule of thumb Red Oaks normally do not have problems with iron chlorosis. Pin Oak is the problem with iron.

    Sometimes when iron is applied under stressful conditions (such as our current temps and moisture levels) the leaves can be “knocked off.” The good news is the tree releafs.

    Seeing a picture or sample would help a lot. Check the small stems and see if still moist and green under the bark. If they are that is a good sign.

    Continue regular watering, deep soakings of the entire root system every 2 to 3 weeks to reduce other stresses.

    Because of last summers heat and dry periods we are noticing a lot of stress of trees.

    Bringing a sample into your local Extension office would help provide additional information.

    Dennis - Johnson County Extension

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