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Oxalis leaves curling up



All the leaves of my oxalis started curling up, plants are looking terrible. Went to inspect and found on the under side of all the leaves this yellow/orangish film. Do you know what is could be? = Barb -


  1. 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    This looks like Oxalis rust. Rusts are difficult to control once established. For heavily infected plants, you should remove the plant. If only some leaves are infected, then remove those leaves (when the plant is dry) and apply a fungicide rated for rust on oxalis. Be sure to destroy any plants of leaves you pluck off, do not compost.

    Fungicides work best as a preventative, rather than curative, treatment. Good air circulation helps. Cool, moist weather favors growth and spreading of the rust.

    Sorry for this not so good news.

    Carole - Johnson County Extension Master Gardener

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