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Planting a garden in July


I would like to plant a garden now at the beginning of July. what kind of plants grow well in Kansas at this time? Can I started them using seeds or must I buy seedlings because of the late planting? If I use seeds, are there seeds that are from a healthy original plant versus seeds that have been part of plant experimentation and have been altered? Are Walmart seeds just as good as any other seeds?

Also, I have an area in my yard that is mostly clay. Are there Decorative plants that grow well here in Kansas? - Ruth -


  1. 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Yes, Ruth, you can begin a fall garden starting in July in Kansas. For brevity, here is the link to the KSU Kansas Garden Guide: http://www.ksre.ksu.edu/bookstore/pubs/s51.pdf

    This guide has a chart on the last page that will tell you when to plant seeds for harvest in September and October. For plants like broccoli and cabbage you can use seedlings if you can find them.

    Also included in this guide are the names of vegetable varieties that do well in Kansas, as well as the care requirements for each veggie.

    You best option is to buy seeds that were packaged for use in 2013. This will ensure good germination. These seeds will include both hybrids and open-pollinated varieties.

    Although technically hybrids have been gene-manipulated by the act of crossing them, I’m guessing you are also refer to genetically altered seeds which are resistant to certain chemical applications or insects (these have been in the news a lot lately). I don’t think they would be available for homeowner purchase. Use any name brand seed you find in the garden section of where you shop, and you will be fine.

    There are many decorative plants that grow well in Kansas, and we have lists of them on the KSU website at www.johnson.ksu.edu. Click on Lawn and Garden, then Publications, then either Trees and Shrubs, or Flowers and Ornamental Grasses.

    Our clay soils are very fertile, but the addition of copious amounts of organic matter will greatly improve the soil structure.

    Good luck with your new garden.

    Carole Johnson County Extension Master Gardener

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