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Poodles pine tree


Hi, So happy I found your site! I purchased a Poodles Pine tree for my balcany in NYC 2 yrs ago & Poodles isn’t looking good these days ;-( Love the tree, but she’s getting dry, though I water her regularly. Her needles are fallin off, with the exception of some green coming out on the tips on the top. What do you suggest for me to do, because I wanna save her. - thx, Ricardo -


  1. 10 months, 4 weeks ago

    Wow, welcome to connecting with Kansas City! First are you sure if it is a pine or maybe a juniper or other species. Pines do not come in poodle form as often as they are harder to maintain in this style?

    Here are some tips. Be sure to supply even moisture year round as the soil does dry out in the winter. That is important for good growth as the soils drys and plants lose moisture over the winter months. Make sure the plant is potted in a large enough pot with a good quality potting soil. Fertilize on a regular basis during the growing season. You might also want to watch the really hot sunlight in the summer months.

    Hope these tips help and let us know if you have follow up questions

    Dennis - Johnson County Extension

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