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Response on knockout rose problems


From Brad, responding to earlier questions about his post: No insects seen. The roses bloomed on Memorial day like normal. We dead headed them couple weeks ago and since then they have looked brown and no new growth. We had a couple of good rains and we watered then some. Roses in front of the house are doing fine with less attention.


  1. 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Brad, a picture would be very helpful. Either post a picture to the blog, or send one or two closeups to garden.help@joco.gov, or take a sample to the JOCO Extension Service at 119th and Ridgeview in Olathe.

    The reason we need at least a picture or a live sample is that different diseases or conditions may manifest similar symptoms. Guessing would be risky.

    A picture (or live sample) really is worth a thousand words.

    I’m glad your roses in front are doing fine. It would be good to know what the difference is between the planting sites in the front and back yards.

    Best wishes, Carole Johnson County Extension Master Gardener

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