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For as long as I have been growing roses, I understood to seal pruning with “White Glue”. I has some notable damage due to cane borers last year. Speaking with the JC Rose Society, they said to be sure to get “waterproof” glue. I cannot seem to find a white waterproof glue and am a little concerned about possibly adding something damaging. Most of the WEB sites do not make this “waterproof” distinguishment, but it seems to make sense. Any recommendations … Elmer’s Wood Glue Max? - Tim -


  1. 11 months, 1 week ago

    Don’t seal the canes with anything. Let them heal on their own, and if you need to protect against borers, there are several products, both sprays and soil drench systemics, that are very effective.

  2. 11 months, 1 week ago

    I know many members of the Johnson County Rose Society and they recommend the use of Elmers Glue. This is just the plain old school glue. It does not need to be waterproof. The theroy of the glue is to allow time for the cut surface of the rose cane to dry which makes it unattractive to the borer. With that being said some other rosians say to use wood glue which is waterproof. Or for the “girly girl” effect you could use fingernail polish the color of your choice or just clear to be ordinary! For me it is sparkles all the way!
    By the way this is an American Rose Society recommendation not anything I have ever seen in Extension information. But sealing the cane does make common sense.

    So there are the facts - Dennis, Johnson County Extension

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