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Signs of grass fungus?


What are the signs of grass fungus. We believe our lawn has a fungus and would like to know when to treat the lawn and what you would recommend to apply. Also, do you need to do more applications of treatment. Our front lawn looks beautiful in the spring and starts dying early. We do fertilize and seed during the appropiate times of the year. The lawn faces the east and is partly shaded by trees. - David -


  1. 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Before applying a fungicide, you should bring a sample of the grass to your extension service to determine if this is really the problem. About 1 ft square showing the problem in progress, i.e some good, some bad.

    There can be many reasons for the grass to brown, and many causes.

    When bringing in the sample, you should be prepared to answer questions about how the lawn has been cared for, including watering (when and how much), fertilization (exactly when, and what kind), trees, etc.

    If you have a diagnosed fungus problem, identifying the kind of fungus, will dictate the type of fungicide, according to what kind of grass you have (blue, fescue?). Also, keep in mind, that fungicides work best as a preventative measure, rather than curative.

    Carole Johnson County Extension Master Gardener

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