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Small, drought-tolerant shrubs


I’m looking to replant a bed in front of my house in Caldwell with a few different kinds of low-growing, low-maintenance shrubs this spring. Any suggestions for me? - Beth -


  1. 1 year, 3 months ago

    Beth, In Caldwell? Kansas? That’s my hometown? Here are a couple of suggestions for you - 1.Dwarf Spirea - many cultivars and all bloom in the later spring and stay under 3 feet in height. Will tolerate full sun and easy to prune. 2. Blue Mist Spirea, really not a spirea but blooms in the heat of summer with nice dusty blue flowers. Also tolerates full sun and easy to prune. 3. Boxwood would be the best evergreen with several varieties such as Green Velvet. 4. Dwarf Nandina, nice fall color, semi-evergreen.

    Let me know what you think of these suggestions or if you have follow up questions.

    Dennis - Johnson County Extension Horticulture Agent

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