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Is there a way to drive rabbits out of the garden?


Is there an ultrasonic device that really works to keep rabbits out of the garden? Is there one that doesn’t bother cats and dogs too? If not, is there something I can spray on the plants that doesn’t wash away when they’re watered? Thanks. - Cathy -


  1. 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    My answer would probably be no. I know a neighbor bought an ultrasonic device to keep squirrels from climbing up a pinoak. Did it work? Not so much.

    The are a number of repellents on the market, all of which have different formulations. In this case, read the label very carefully. Anything sprayed on will be washed away after watering or rain, but how well a repellant stands up to water will be noted on the label also. Read the label carefully also for any other warnings concerning pets.

    You don’t say if this is an ornamental or vegetable garden. For any garden, but especially a vegetable garden, exclusion is always the best bet.

    Here is the link to the KSU bulletin on rabbits: http://www.wildlife.ksu.edu/p.aspx?tabid=63

    Good luck with these pesky critters.

    Carole Johnson County Extension Master Gardener

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