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Tonight's freeze


What should we use to cover our plants tonight for the freeze? Thanks - Ken


  1. 12 months ago

    Ken, If you want to cover tender plants with sheets, blankets, or buckets, that would be ok. Take the covering off when the sun comes out!

  2. 12 months ago

    Ken - that is a good question. Here is may take. I would start by covering any tender annuals that were in this case planted to early. This would be tomatoes, petunias, and other tender plants.

    Cold tolerant annuals such as pansies and early spring vegetable plants should be just fine. If you aren’t sure go ahead and cover.

    Perennials that have come up should be just fine at this point, but…. Hostas and other just poking through the ground may have some damage depending on how cold and long it stays cold. A covering would ensure them making through the night.

    Trees and shrubs are next to impossible to cover as there is no heat source. Covering the soil works as the heat retained in the soil provides the buffer.

    Plastic is not a good covering, fabric or blankets work the best. Be careful not to damage the plants as the weight of the covering break the plants.

    I am just going to let nature have its way and will not cover anything in my garden. It will be the survival of the fittest. Dennis - Johnson County Extension

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