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Too late to deal with crab grass?


I was reading your article on crabgrass pre-emergent. I haven’t applied any yet - is it too late to apply? I like to re-seed but know I can’t do that or is there a product out there that can do both? What if I going to lay down sod? So what do you recommend I use? Thanks - Paul


  1. 1 year ago

    You can still add Halts plus or minus April 15 on your existing lawn. Reseeding cannot be done if you put down crabgrass control. For new sod, rough up the soil, lay the sod then put down pre-emergent in June. Use a spot control for any emerging weeds. I hope this helps. Judy

  2. 1 year ago

    Keep in mind there are multiple crabgrass control products on the market that can be used. What is most important is not the name on the bag but the active ingredient.
    With the cooler weather you have plenty of time to apply crabgrass control. It should be done in the next few weeks for best results. Dennis - Johnson County Extension

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