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Trade out arborvitae?


I recently read Dennis Patton’s article about the drought resistant ‘Taylor’ Juniper as a better alternative than the arborvitae. I have a row of 15 arborvitae that I planted a couple years ago against a drainage ditch along the back of my property to act as a ‘green screen’ from the neighbors. Two right in the middle of the straight row died because of the drought. Would you just replace the 2 again with arborvitae or begin trading out the juniper assuming one day all the arborvitae will eventually die out? I know they won’t ‘match’ but I am assuming the extreme summers will only persist and eventually all the arborvitaes will die. And no, I’m not a good waterer of my arborvitae. Thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. - Christine -


  1. 1 year, 1 month ago

    Christine, I would begin to replace the arborvitae with junipers. Long term they are much better suited to our climate. Although you honestly admit to not being a very good waterer, you must provide adequate water for the new junipers until they become established.

    Hope this helps you make a decision.

    Carole Johnson County Ext Master Gardener

  2. 1 year, 1 month ago

    Carole is right on target - only plant the arborvitae if you plan on watering. If not slowly exchange for the Taylor Juniper. Dennis - Johnson County Extension

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