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Tree peony in trouble


I planted a tree peony last fall. It bloomed this year, 3 large blooms. I have not cut off the dead blooms. One leaf stalk is doing fine; two others are wilting badly. It is a small peony bush— can it be saved? - Margaret -


  1. 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    I would just wait to see and make sure it does not get too much water.

    Tree peonies are rarely affected by pests and the only disease that may afflict them is peony wilt. This disease first appears in early spring before flowering. Symptoms include brown, soft lesions that develop on the bottom of new shoots and buds. The wilt then becomes covered with a gray bloom. Controlling the problem involves trimming back affected shoots to healthy wood and then spraying the entire plant with a systemic fungicide that contains carbendazim.

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