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Trying to get rid of gum balls


Do you have any experience at using a product called Snipper to eliminate the stupid gum balls that fall off these trees? It is a product you tape around the base of the tree. Thanks for any help. (KSU ‘69) - Jane -


  1. 1 year, 1 month ago

    Snipper has been around for a few years as a tool to reduce fruiting on some trees such as sweet gum. Your information is not totally correct, the producted is not taped around the base it is injected into the tree around the base. It must be done by a trained professional and may take a couple of years of treatment to see the best results. Although this product has been around I have not really seen many professionals jumping on the bandwagon to use. That tells me a lot right there. If you are looking for an option to reducing fruit there are not many available and this is really only 1 of three I am aware of with the others being a spray and removal of the tree. Based on what I know the results are very iffy.
    Dennis - Johnson County Extension

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