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Wormy peaches


What are is scale insects? I have very wormy peaches so how do I stop this problem? - Erma


  1. 1 year, 5 months ago

    Hi, Erma, Scale insects, their protective covering anyway, look like tiny grains of rice. Normally you see them on the leaves or stems. They come in a variety of colors. Google an image of scale. To control scale you need to spray a dormant oil spray in late winter or early spring. Otherwise, you have to catch them in the crawler stage, when they do not have the protective coating.

    With regard to the peaches, there are any number of insects that attack peaches. My first guess would be plum curculio, but without examining the fruit I can’t say for certain. Successful fruit production really depends on a strict spray schedule to combat both diseases and insect invasions. Now is the time to prepare for next year, so that your peaches are perfect. KSU has some fine publications on the website, including the fruit tree spray schedule. Go to: www.johnson.ksu.edu, click on Lawn and Garden, then Publications, KSU Extension Publications, then on Fruits and Nuts. There you will find what you need.

    I hope this is helpful to you. If you have more questions, we are at your service.

    Carole Johnson County Extension Master Gardener

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