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Dennis Patton
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Jun 10, 2011
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Credit for my love of gardening goes to my Grandmother Christina Sladek. Grandma snuck out of Czechoslovakia before the World War I invasion and came to America. It was with that same tenacity that she approached gardening. Her gardens were everywhere and filled to the brim with flowers and vegetables. It was from her I learned about Snowball Viburnum, that daffodils come in more colors than yellow and the joys of Crepe Myrtle. As a young boy I remember visiting her weekly in Medford, Okla. I always left with a bouquet of flowers or a start of a plant.

I knew from the very start I wanted to major in horticulture at Kansas State University. This boyhood hobby would blossom into a career. Yes, I am plant geek! As a 4-H member in Sumner County, Kan., I knew about extension and the role of an agent. I guess it was always meant for me to end up working for Kansas State Research and Extension.

People often ask me what my garden is like. Honestly, I have to admit it is a garden of dreams and hope. Dreams that someday it will all come together and look like the showplace you see in magazines and hope that I will be able to fully afford my hobby! I enjoy perennials and if I had the time, could envision a large vegetable garden. But with my hectic life, a few tomatoes and peppers will have to do. (You see, chips and salsa are one of my weaknesses). I’ve always had the notion to collect some type of plants but cannot settle on which ones. Coral bells or Heuchera are my current flavor of the month. Also as a dog owner (Clancy, the cutest Wheaten Terrier in the world), I have to admit I am sharing more of the garden than I would like.

As one of the Johnson County Extension horticulture agents, I love my job of working with people on the subject of gardening. I get to enjoy my hobby as a career. I am very privileged to be working with the talented volunteers of the Johnson County Extension Master Gardener program. These dedicated and fun-loving volunteers make work a pleasure. Helping people to learn, and hearing and seeing their accomplishments give me such a great feeling and sense of satisfaction.

I hope that you enjoy the blog and information provided. We all continue to learn from new questions and experiences.